FitTeam Success Story - Julie Mlynarek

A little over 4 years ago, I was introduced to a group of people who helped me get through a tough time in my life without even knowing it…I was overweight, depressed, and not living the life I had dreamed of. My whole life I wanted to be a Mom…a stay at home Mom, and while I was blessed to be home with my 3 children every day, something was missing…I just didn’t know what. I lost and have kept off 85 lbs. and completely changed my life around…not only physically, but mentally and financially as well.

Fast forward 4 years and here I am with FITTEAM GLOBAL…still surrounded by so many of those same people who helped me through some tough times. With 2 degrees, one in Marketing, and the other in Teaching…I am able to use both and I am living the best of both worlds. I am working at home with my family, earning an amazing income, traveling places I have never been, and helping others who need my help!!!

FITTEAM allows me to give back to those who are looking for change. It’s not just about weight loss, it’s so much more than that…although, when you get a call or a text with someone thanking you daily for helping them gain their confidence back, there is nothing more rewarding. We are all put on this earth to live this life we are given. We decide how we are going to live it, we decide if we are going to be happy, and we make our own decisions every single day on whether or not we are going to lead healthy lifestyles.

FITTEAM has given me the vehicle to follow my passion and to live with a purpose. I love what I do, and I pray my children grow up following their dreams and dream even BIGGER. I wouldn’t be where I am without my amazing team, without a supportive husband, and without a VISION. While it isn’t always easy, it is ALWAYS worth the rush! I am thankful for this opportunity, and blessed beyond measures to be doing something I am so passionate about. One of my favorite quotes is, “IF YOU CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE”… try it…