FitTeam Success Story - Chad Hummel

I love FIT! I enjoy the taste & I like using it as a pre-workout. I've had 2 sticks almost every day since early October and I haven't had an energy drink in a couple months. Fit is an effective product & easy to use.

I'm really excited to be a part of FITTEAM. I'm committed to the company & believe in Chris's vision. The potential is unlimited, so it wasn't a difficult decision for me to walk away from a 'REAL' job earning six figures for the last eight years. I'm grateful for the people that share his vision, and appreciate those who followed & supported him through the years.

Behind Faith, Health & Happiness are the most important things in life. FITTEAM is allowing me to have more time freedom. Quality time to spend with Katie, visit family, work with my brothers, and giving me more of an opportunity to enjoy life. Im ready to focus on helping people get healthy, get fit and achieve financial success.