Fitteam Fit Now Certified USDA Organic with Ashwagandha Posted on 02 Sep 11:56 , 0 comments

Fitteam FIT has been officially certified Organic by the USDA.  While undergoing the certification process the formula was slightly enhanced with the addition of Ashwagandha which has many great benefits as can be seen below.

ashwagandha now in fitteam fit

This herb has been long used to aid with brain function, anxiety, depression, and stress. However, for those seeking to lose weight, tone up, or get into shape, Ashwagandha can also boost energy and endurance which is a must have if you plan to do any type of exercise or just want to feel less tired throughout the day.

This additional ingredient is a perfect addition to the already powerful formula.  The full ingredient list now includes: caffeine, garcinia cambogia, white tea extract, aswagandha, green tea extract, red yeast rice, grapefruit seed extract, blueberry fruit extract, and cayenne pepper --- all organic of course.

Full list of ingredients and nutrition facts can be found in the image below.

organic fitteam fit ingredient list