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"The first photo was at a Detroit Tigers game just days before starting FITTEAM FIT. I would not allow it to be posted on Facebook. The second photo was just 4 months later at another game. The best part of my journey... the weight loss has been my least favorite benefit! My depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia have been in check since starting FIT in April! No flare ups or medication ever since! Loving FITTEAM Global and every opportunity this amazing company and product has brought to my family! I love sharing these opportunities with others to help transform their lives as well! The opportunities are endless!" -Leslie


"Almost 1 year mark since taking FITTEAM FIT. Still down 40 lbs and many inches, pictures don't lie!!! Yes the weight loss has been great but I have to say I absolutely love the energy and my mood is 100% better. Anything is possible, I love my FIT!! Thank you FITTEAM, so blessed to to apart of a great company.


"I have had my gallbladder removed and a partial hysterectomy. I gained 20 lbs since. For 2 months I tried just counting calories which didn't work for me. But on Nov. 3 I started FITTEAM FIT and within a month I lost 11 lbs. and 3 inches." -Amanda


"What do I know about losing weight? Plenty! 6 years ago I started my lifestyle change!! I am a nurse, a certified Health and Wellness coach and have found a product to get you started and bring HOPE quicker and healthfully. FITTEAM FIT is helping me continue my transformation!!” -Sharon


"I have tried many programs to lose weight and nothing has worked like FITTEAM FIT! I have a lot of energy and I’m eating healthy foods. I’m down 7.5 lbs in only 12 days!! I’m so happy to be on this adventure. Every day is going better and better, and I tell everyone to try FIT because it really works!” -Maria