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"I started FIT sticks on March 2015 @ 160 lb and today Oct 5 I'm 130 lb. I love my FIT♡" -Gladys


Update: "60 days and down 19 lbs and 19 inches all over!! I have never felt better!!" -Melissa


"This has been the most beautiful 90 days of transformation I have ever lived! I'm feeling great, healthier, happier and hit so many personal goals in such a short time! FIT is my lifestyle choice and I want everyone to join in on the amazing path of wellness. Cheers to the next 90 days!" -Andria


“Pic on left is me in April 2015. I started taking FIT May 11. Pic on right is Oct 2 getting ready for 'Dream Bigger' Event after party. 50 lbs gone!” -Jennifer


"I started with FITTEAM in October 2014. I love the energy & mood enhancement and it has helped me maintain my weight with ease! Besides that, my overall health has improved! I'm sleeping better and I have no migraines! I was feeling so great that I stopped weighing myself! The scale number no longer mattered to me! I was looking back at pictures from our past events and was completely shocked! The photo on the left is 1/15 in Miami and the right is 10/15 in NY! The results are clear!” -Leigh-Ann


"I started my journey the end of July 2015 at 224 lbs. I did not like the taste of the drink at first, but learned to let it dissolve and it was a better taste. I cut out carbs, sweets and quick greasy foods. I enjoy eggs, mushroom burgers (no bun of course), fresh fruits and veggies. I do take the weekends off (so of course that shows in the time I've been on it compared to my pounds lost). I feel amazing with 20 lbs off..but look forward for more to be shed off! I also enjoy Zumba and morning core work. FIT sticks has been a great life change for me!” -Shandra


I started this life change on July 18, 2015 at 257 lbs. On July 17th, I was playing with my 3 year old daughter and she said "daddy you are fat!" Then she said "daddy your boobs are bigger then mommies!" That tore me up inside to no end. I started exercising and running and dieting. That same week I saw a post on Facebook about FIT sticks. I responded to Ashley's post, researched the product & company and ordered the same week. I have my own meal plan that I follow. I exercise daily. Use FIT sticks and drink way more water then is recommended. I am amazed at my progress. I did not do this for me alone. I did this for my children and wife. I'm 42. They are 36, 6 and 3. I need to be healthy for them. It's not hard to do. It just takes determination. The good vibe from other people on their journey to a better life is very important to me. It gives me a boost when feeling down. I support this product and company. I am 52 lbs smaller today and a huge part of my success is the FIT sticks. The rest is determination." -Kyle


“I have struggled with my weight since I was in my twenties. I've tried numerous diets and different work out routines without any results or them holding my interest. I am a wife, a teacher and a mommy to a beautiful and active three year old son. After attending a FIT party at Felix's house in June of this year and getting to see the results and stories of success for myself, I decided to see what FITTEAM FIT was for myself. I began the FITTEAM 5 Meal Program at the end of June, and lost 9 lbs in that first week. I then continued to be concious of what I ate. I took FIT once before breakfast and once before lunch everyday, and worked out as much as my busy schedule and busy little man allowed. I'm now 3 months in and have lost 30 lbs, eliminated coffee, am happy and healthy, and my family tells me I'm in a way better mood. I do not like pictures of myself, but my sister took one of me at Father's Day brunch and she forced me to take this one last night and to be proud of my progress.” -Ronni

"30 days in and 14 lbs down and working towards my goal!! Slowly and steady and determined to reach my goal & I will with FITTEAM FIT!!!! Thank you so much Jess for introducing me to FIT!!!" -Courtnie


"So it has been about 3 months and this last month has been a struggle. As much as I try to stay focused, there was days I just did everything wrong from my meal choices to not even taking my FIT sticks. My coworkers continue to praise me on my weight loss which is always good to hear and with that being said, I know there is always another chance to get it right.. I have come far from where I was and still not where I want to be, so I will keep pushing and try to remain positive." -Latoyia