Fitteam Results and Reviews September 2015 Posted on 16 Sep 22:23 , 0 comments

"I have never been thin. Was a size 14 in the 9th grade. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. My husband of over 20 years can attest to that. At this point in life I just want to be healthy no matter what size that is. 5 weeks. Down 15 pounds and really beginning to see my body change. Never thought I would or could do this. Fail after fail, year after year. Thanks to my FIT sticks I believe in myself again.” -Becky


"Since February when I started with FITTEAM it has been all about setting goals and reaching them. I have met each one and I couldn't be any more happier with my results. I am proud to say that I am now down 50 lbs and have reached my optimal weight thanks to FITTEAM. Along my weight loss journey, I have helped and coached so many and now helping others reach their goals...inspiring others to push themselves to do more so they too can achieve more.” -Alan


"Started in May on & off with Tara. I was doing PT for my ankle as I had partially torn my Posterior Tibialis. I couldn't exercise because I was wearing a boot. Diagnosed with Lupus twenty years ago and on Prednisone, which fluctuated my weight. I weighed 245 May 1st when I started. After one week on FIT I weighed 234 following the FITTEAM 5 Plan. Two weeks later my Dr informed me I would have ankle surgery on June 24. So I couldn't exercise only do upper body workouts. After my surgery, I restarted FIT and I lost another 8lbs and I was down to 226... I did the plan and lost another 6 lbs and then I stopped & just ate in the eight hour window. I am now down to 211!” -Dawn


"Its been 83 days since I have started my transformation. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have found a single product that has changed my life so drastically in such a positive way! In June I decided that it was time to make a change. I was overweight, tired, and very disappointed in myself for not taking care of myself. I have always put my kids first and with that mindset I forgot to take care of me. I now know that I can't truly take care of my family if I dont invest in me as well. I never expected my life to turn around so fast. I am so proud of myself, I feel great, I have a perfect balance of energy on a daily basis, and I'm down 23 lbs. and 23 inches. I WAS READY FOR THIS!!! I love my life now and I see so many more benefits to FITTEAM than I could have imagined. Thanks so much to Sabrina because without you I couldn't do this alone. You look amazing as well and I cant wait to see where you are in 6 months. ~Danielle

"Thanks to FIT, I feel very accomplished in my efforts to try and lose weight AGAIN!! I had started my journey on July 1st and was very discouraged by my weight and how I felt about my appearance. So I made the decision for a life change to lose the weight and keep it off. Now 2.5 months later I have lost 18 lbs and many inches. I may have lost more if I stuck to the plan, but I had a few cheat days, but worked hard and kept going no matter how much the scale changed up or down. I want to say Thank you FITTEAM for helping me on my quest to getting FIT & Healthy again!!.” -Marcia


"After just 5 days... I LOST 12 lbs and 3 inches just in my waist!! I was wearing a size 16 to 18 wide but now a 14. Amen! I feel good, lots of energy, everything is like a boost!!" - Felecia