FitTeam Results And Reviews July 2015 Posted on 03 Aug 16:27 , 0 comments

"That was the first time I met the FITTEAM family in Troy, Michigan! It was back in March. I didn't realize how bloated my face used to be before I began my FIT Stick journey! & This is me now! I am out speed walking and eating much cleaner! I am down about 10lbs. The inches are just coming off me! I feel as if I am melting without starving myself! I have the energy to walk 3.4 miles at a pace of 14:00 min per mile!” -Denise


"So it's day #6 and I am down 5lbs and 10 inches!!! Very excited!!!” -Tina


"21 days and 16.25 inches gone! I've been so motivated and geeked at the fast and lasting results. I've battled my weight from my teen years through post pregnancy, and here I am now! I'm feeling great, happier than I've been in years! ( my Dr just approved yesterday that I can stop the antidepressants and chronic pain medication that I've been on for the last 9 years at my request!!!  When I met my sponsor Julia I told her I really hope that FIT helps push me over the mountain and be the life changer I need. I was ready to do what it took and today I get to share with my FIT family that I'm prescription free after 9 years and healthier in mind, body, and spirit than I've ever been. Thank you FIT and Cheers to everyone on their Journeys!” Andria


"So I'm 2 1/2 weeks in, but the picture only shows 2 weeks of progress! I was waiting to see what my weight was at the doctors this morning! I've officially lost 20 lbs so far! on top of that I've taken 3 minutes off my running time! And I've kept the pace there! I'm so happy and full of energy on this product! I couldn't be happier with the results so far! I'm excited to keep going!” -Celeste


"I started in April, losing inches and wanting to lose pounds! It was a slow process for me but IT WORKS! Not at my goal weight yet but I'm not far. From a size 16 to 12. Thanks Kim for being so patient with me!!!!!!!!” -Melanie


“Down 25lbs but lots of inches overall!” -Erika


"I just wanted to share that today I tried a size 14 skinny pants. They were not skinny on me! The hips, thighs and legs were big. I decided to try a 12. Let me just say I don't ever remember actually buttoning and zipping a size 12 on me. But today was the day! I still need to loose my belly but zipping those pants on today was such an excitement. At one point of my life I was a size 20 then dropped to a 16 then I plateaued. Since Fit I've lost inches, weight and feel great. I am now going to keep working on my belly and upper body. Thank you God for giving the idea of Fit! Thanks FITTEAM for the support! I thought I wanted to be a size 12 now I'm thinking I want to be a size 10!” -Marisol