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Before 165lbs, now 157lbs. I just want to give a shout out to my girly Noelle! I feel amazing. I was able to stop drinking my diet soda without withdrawals and without headaches which I would get daily! I love my FIT sticks!! -Kathleen

"I was so skeptical when I heard about FIT! I was sure it was just going to be another waste of time for me after trying so many other things to lose weight and feel better! Was I ever wrong! FIT sticks are AMAZING! So far I've lost 15 pounds in just one month (and that was with Easter cheats right at the beginning)! I have TONS of energy and my mood is SO much better! Even my kids like their "new" mom better!” -Trisha

"2 months after the start of FIT sticks and I'm down 20 lbs and 5 inches off waist and 3 inches off thighs! Before FIT I was so lazy and felt run down and never had energy. I let myself get to the point I decided I needed to change something. Five years ago I lost my mom to lung cancer and I'll never forget the last thing she said to me was she wanted me to get healthy for her and loose some weight . One day I woke up and said "I have to do something I want to be here for a long time for my kids and that's when I chose to try FIT. I am in love with them and I can't believe the results. It's so easy to follow. I've never been able to stick to something ever, but I will never go back to the old me!!" -Lisa

This is very hard for me to post but I am beyond excited to have come this far in just 10 short days!! 9 pounds gone and I have a waist!!!! There is also a little space between my thighs!!! YAY!!!!! I owe ALL OF THIS to FIT!!!! I love MY FIT and this is only the beginning!!! FIT has not only helped me with this weight loss so far but has very much helped my anxiety level and I have been able to cut down on the medication that I was taking!! I am so blessed to be on this wonderful journey with this WONDEFUL TEAM!!! -Heather

"It has been 1 month on FIT sticks!!!! I lost 18lbs. and 2 inches total so far!!! Whoohoo!” -Eppie

"After 15 days on FIT, I am down 10 pounds, and 4 inches in my waist. By following the FIT 5 and taking my two FIT sticks a day, I have more energy, am more focused, and have seen a decrease in my blood pressure. Thank you FITTEAM for helping me jump start my healthy lifestyle!" -MyNew Image

"When I first started I gained 6 pounds on my vacation. Since then I have lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks. I love taking my FIT sticks because of the energy it has given me. I don't crave junk food anymore and I sleep better at night. Can't wait to see what changes keep happening for me” -Tara

“When I got started with FITTEAM I never imagined it would have changed so many things in my life. I have lost a total of 29 pounds so far and can not wait to reach my final goal of 50 pounds!! I know FITTEAM will be there every step of my journey!!” -Jessica

"Same uniform!! Before fit and after! My best progress picture I think smile emoticonthis product has really and truly changed my life in so many different aspects!” -Tori

"My 2nd week I am down 3lbs for a total of 9lbs and 5 inches in 2 weeks! I have a long journey ahead but am very excited! I have a lot of energy and my cravings have diminished! Thats the best part for me because im a sweet and salty craver. I love being able to eat my 5 meals a day. I literally am never hungry! I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to be on my way to being healthy! I haven't been motivated to do anything in almost 4 years. It's been tough but now it seems to be getting a lot easier as I see a bright future ahead of me. I love my FIT sticks!” -Jacqlyn

"Even though there is times where I can't see a change in my body and I'm not where I want to be at don't lie! Not giving up!" -Maria

"This is a 13 lb. difference in about 4 weeks! Thank you FITTEAM & FIT sticks for helping me reach my goals!” -Morgan

"Love my Fit! Not only am I losing weight, but I have more energy and I am enjoying my life!” -Jessica