FitTeam Results and Reviews April 2015 Posted on 21 Apr 00:31 , 0 comments

"I wore pink when we launced in Miami 3 months ago. I'm in the Teal/Gray outfit in the Dallas "ALL IN" event this weekend. I have no idea what I weighed in miami but I'm down to 132 as of right now!” -Breanna


"I am not at my goal, but I am so close. I am feeling great and loving my results! I have tried many things before FIT and nothing ever gave me these results!” -Carmen


"I am about halfway to my goal...I have struggled emotionally, physically and spiritually these past few months...but have been making progress on this journey back to health. Stress, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea and allergies have me in a terrible condition. I found FITTEAM and have achieved results that I need to stay motivated. I have lost 12 pounds on FIT. I feel better mentally, am able to focus more, have energy and generally feel happier. No more afternoon slug - falling asleep or having to pull over in the car to "nap". I drove to/from Dallas(4+ hrs) no problems!! The amazing people I met this weekend have inspired me to share my journey.” -April


"I DID IT!!! Reached my goal today!! I lost 15.2 pounds in 5 weeks. I went from a size 6 to a size 2 and I am FLIPPING excited! I feel amazing! This can BE DONE! It is POSSIBLE! You must stay positive and focused!!” -Noelle


"I didnt expect to see results so soon. Pics are 12 days apart. I love FIT!!” -Erika


"I have lost 5 lbs. and 1/2 inch every where!!! For someone like me who has No thyroid. ..I have always struggled to lose weight. I go to the gym and work so hard and barely see any results. I have spent so much money on other products and get no results. This is the first time, I'm really excited!!! I can't wait til my 30 days and see what happens!!” -Eppie


"So here's my update! Started 6 weeks ago and I'm down 20lbs as of today. I am flying high & I feel FANTASTIC! " -Queth


"Now this is incredible!!! I love love love how I am feeling now! I just can't believe the difference between what I looked like a couple months ago til now! 24lbs!!” Brittani