FitTeam Results and Reviews March 2015 Posted on 22 Mar 00:08 , 0 comments

“Wow! Soo after my first FIT 5 I'm down 9 pounds and have lost 10 inches total which is insane!! -Amy


“My starting weight in purple is my biggest at 166 lbs. I currently weigh 156 lbs and my goal is 140 lbs or less..I didn't notice a difference but when I did my measurements I had lost 1 & 1/2 inch from my belly!” Idalia


"I have tried several other weight loss programs, within 18 days on FIT I have lost 10lbs! I have experienced an increase in energy and more focus!" - Queth

“Just went back to look at old pictures. Found the picture on the left from the night I placed my FIT order. The picture on the right is 39 days later with taking 2 sticks a day. Didn’t realize how much weight I’ve lost in my face!! Love FIT!!!” -Megan

"Its been a month & couple days and I’m down 10lbs. FIT sticks work! It’s using them as a tool and adding healthy eating habits in your daily routine. Never been so happy and energetic like this before!- Ashley

“I lost 4 lbs & 4 inches. I didnt really see results until i looked back at these pics together. Its given me more confidence and more drive to keep going!!” -Kimberly

"Super excited! I completed week 1 with FIT and I am down 7.5 pounds!! Feeling great..” -Noelle

"I am down 8 lbs and 6 inches. I’m no longer drinking coffee or tea, just water water water and FIT sticks!! And, I’m following the meal plan new way of eating, instead of chips, candy and all the bad carbs!” -Klebird

"I've lost 7 lbs! This is just my first week with FIT, but i do love the energy and the decreased appetite so far. Looking forward to reaching my goal & maintaining!” -Mary

"Living proof that this is a life changer! 12 lbs in 20 days! And is that some definition in my arm? Love FITTEAM, what it does for others, and what it is doing for me!" -Brianne

"Sooo out of my comfort zone. But since so many of you are asking, here you go. These are not my before and after pics. They are my before and during pics. From an XL to a Medium. Size 16 to an 8 -Lori