FitTeam Results and Reviews January 2015 Posted on 31 Jan 20:19 , 0 comments

"I started FIT on January 15th. I am very happy with my loss so far…10lbs & 6 inches gone!! This was my second FIT 5. I have always struggled with my weight, the FIT and the accountability group have helped me stay on track and keep me motivated! I love the energy they give me and they definitely suppress my appetite. I used to be a late-night eater, and now I don't eat after 7-7:30pm. I also gave up diet sodas, which if you knew me is a freaking MIRACLE! I will definitely continue to use FIT and continue on this journey! I am looking forward to (hopefully) wearing a bikini this summer!!” -Amanda Thornsberry


"What do I know about losing weight? Plenty! 6 years ago I started my lifestyle change!! I am a nurse, a certified Health and Wellness coach and have found a product to get you started and bring HOPE quicker and healthfully. FIT is helping me continue my transformation!!” -Sharon Condon


"I have tried many programs to lose weight and nothing has worked like the FIT sticks! I have a lot of energy and I’m eating healthy foods. I’m down 7.5 lbs in only 12 days!! I’m so happy to be on this adventure. Every day is going better and better, and I tell everyone to try the FIT because it really works!” -Maria Hervas


"I remember feeling so unhappy with my personal self, lacking self confidence and self esteem. No energy and half a smile, depressed and no motivation. After getting to my heaviest weight of 154 at 4' 10" I was miserable. I wanted to play with my grandaughter, feel good about myself and walk with my head high. After I began my journey 9 months ago I never dreamed I would loose 24 pounds and feel 10 years younger. I LOVE how I feel and am proud to say I am 57. I have extra income, get to take trips snd meet amazing people.Thank you FITSTICKS for giving my life and health back.” -Carol Greene


"November 2, 2014 … 195 lbs. I decided to try something different to lose weight. I tried every program out there. Nothing worked like FIT sticks have. For about the cost of a coffee a day, and I never need any energy drinks. Plus the amount of money I save from not buying junk food. January 21, 2014 … 169 lbs. Thank you!” -Scott Benefield


"I have been drinking the FIT sticks for 10 days now and I feel AMAZING!!! I have so much more energy and less of an appetite. My kids have even noticed a big difference in their mommy's mood and energy level! Plus it helps so much that I have awesome sponsors that motivate me everyday, they are amazing!!! FITTEAM has changed my life and I love it!!!!" - Nikki Lynn


"Two months in and down 26 pounds!! Loving my FIT, the boost they give me and suppressing my appetite!! I'm very proud of myself and I'm only 9 pounds away from my goal weight!! Thank you fitteam for all your support!!" -Balsam Hunt

I love my FITsticks, they truly are your one stop shop for everything to a better you. It is the simplest program and it doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 50 lbs to lose or if you are looking for better overall health, FIT can help you. Before and after pictures are important for everyone. My FIT 5 results was 4.5 lbs in 5 days and I didn’t think that was a lot but the pictures speak volumes to me. Thank you FIT Team – Michelle Hughes