FitTeam Results and Reviews February 2015 Posted on 28 Feb 20:01 , 0 comments

"I absolutely LOVE my FIT! I have been using the product for 3 weeks. I have so much energy and I am continuing to lose inches! I am so excited to continue this journey and my new healthy lifestyle with this organization!!!” -Lee Cartwright Mooney

"My energy level is sky high. My blood work is off the charts. And along with that I am down 17lbs. Feeling excited and you can't stop me now!“ -Desirae Zamudio

"I have been taking FIT for less than a month! I am very excited about my results so far, I've lost 10lbs. I have more energy, it has helped me with my motivation and also with my focus! This is the best I have felt in I don't know how long." - Melissa Hunter

"My results in just two weeks. I have more energy and feel great. And it's not just weight loss!” -Bonnie Hamby Kik

“Man, I am so excited! Down another inch and 3 more pounds gone!!! That would be a total of 14 inches and 10 pounds!! Woohoo!!!
Loving my FIT and Loving my results!!!” -Carmen Jalomo

Since using the FIT sticks I have lost 17 lbs. I've gone down 2 pant sizes, too!! I've only followed the FITTEAM meal plan for 5 days but I am making way better and healthier food choices. I have tried numerous products but have not seen results like I am seeing now! I'm feeling great!“ -Marisa Barrera-Pina

“I’m down 24 lbs and 10 inches in less than 2 months! From a size 18 pant to a 12.. can't ask for more! Love my FIT sticks and the energy I have! Thanks Michelle Hughes & FITTEAM!!” -Diana Henke

“I’m down 6 lbs & 11.75 inches using the FITTEAM 5 day program! FIT tastes great and gives me the energy I need throughout the day!” -Greg Burns

“I lost 6 lbs & 11 inches using the FIT 5 day program! I love FIT because it is very easy and very convenient when you are parents of 4 children. When you’re constantly on the go with kids, work, school and dance, it’s very easy to take with you. The meal plan is easy to follow and even kid friendly, so I don’t feel like I have to make two separate dinners. We can all eat dinner together as a family and we can all eat healthier! And, we feel better and healthier!” -Bobbie Burns

"What are you waiting for?!? Your body will not change overnight!! I lost 32 lbs in under 2 months! Try it, you will not regret it!!” -Jana Klvanova

"In about 6 weeks my total weight loss is 27lbs! I feel great and now I'm back at the gym. I won't give up, there is more progress to come!" - Frederick Micelli

“FITTEAM has changed my life in many ways! In less than two weeks I am down 11.4 pounds & 5 inches All over! And still counting! Not only is it weight loss it's life changing! You can also get paid to Change Lives! Thanks Vanessa for changing mine and giving me the hope and wisdom I need!" -Libby Butler